Bine aţi venit (welcome) to Wiltshire World Missions!


Greetings from Jason and Eileen!

God bless you all and we’d love to hear from you when you get a chance!

Until the next mission trip in the next country,

Jason, Eileen and Luke



Still interested in supporting the ministry in Romania?   

Even though we are not physically in Romania any more, we still want to be a part of their spiritual growth. There were certain leaders and families that not only touched our lives, but continue to daily pour out their lives in servitude to the people of Medgidia.

Along with Eileen and I there have been certain supportors who want to send monthly (or sporadic) support to Romania. If you would like to join in with us, then there are a couple of options.

1. You can mail a check to us and we will deposit it into a SunTrust account that the Betleem Church secretary in Romania has access to via an ATM card.

2. You can email me and I can give you the SunTrust account number. Then you can swing by any branch office or Publix and deposit the money directly into the account yourself.

Once the money is in the account I email Lidia Coman (Vasi's sister and Flaviu's wife) and she withdraws the money from the ATM and disperses it per my instruction. It is a very safe system and works great. You can tell me exactly where you want your money to go or we can help disperse it for you. (Based upon the needs we saw when we were there.)

Please note that you would NOT receive tax credit for these donations. This would simply be a direct way to sow seed into Romania and you would receive your ultimate 'tax credit' as an extra jewel on your crown in heaven.


Stay in contact with us via e-mail!